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  1. January 17th, 2013 at 10:33:42

    Your ad (Ming Pao, 17 Jan 2013) refers.
    Further to your report on HK’s bond market development, as a private investor surfing local bonds markets since 2009, a few observations:
    1. banks defunct to trade bonds
    2. HKD bonds virtually non-existent
    3. Bonds are not catered to retail investors for many reasons, channel just amongst the factors
    4. Non-HKD denominated bonds (dimsum, USD, GBP) also have severe price fluctuations
    5. i-Bonds a joke – to investors, intermediaries, and also the issuer

    To conclude, I find basically there is nobody to understand bonds in HK, other than international houses book-running/trading bonds for PIs (professional investors) or institutions.

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