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Express Rail Expert Group calls for Independence and Transparency

in Railway Safety on High-speed network

In view of the recent accident involving high-speed trains in Wenzhou, there are heightened concerns among the public over railway safety.

With the 26-km Hong Kong link of the national high-speed network under construction, it is essential for both the Central and SAR governments to address all safety issues:


1. Safety on the national high-speed rail network is a common concern for passengers from Hong Kong and the mainland;

2. It is the responsibility of the SAR government to ensure the safety of the Hong Kong section of the high-speed rail as well as to address the safety concerns of Hong Kong passengers travelling on the national network.

3. Dealing with the safety of the Hong Kong link only will not be adequate to rebuild public confidence towards the high-speed rail.

As has been proven elsewhere, the best way to enhance railway safety is to embrace the principles of independence and transparency. The Expert Rail Group therefore calls on the Central and SAR Governments to implement the following as a matter of priority:

1. A stand-alone Railway Inspectorate in Mainland China that is independent from the Ministry of Railway and the railway industry.

2. A review of the terms of reference of the independent Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate – the Railways Branch of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department – and its capability in ensuring the safety of rail passengers and overseeing safety systems of railway in Hong Kong including all cross-boundary services.

3. A comprehensive certification system by the Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate to independently verify the safety standards of high-speed trains and signaling systems before the service is brought into Hong Kong.

4. A co-operation protocol between the Railway Inspectorates in Hong Kong and the Mainland to oversee all safety systems of cross-boundary rail services.

Hong Kong, 3 August 2011

Members of Expert Rail Group


Ir Ron Taylor                      (9302 4412)

Ir Albert Lai                       (9125 6505)

Mr Paul Zimmerman         (9096 0250)

Dr Hung Wing Tat

Mr Stanley Ng

Dr Kai Chi Leung

Ms Yuen Yee Pong

Ir Ringo Li




Train Control Systems Chinese rev2 – Pdf download



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