Press Release | February 15th, 2011 |

Inauguration of the “Government Hill Concern Group”

Propose Zoning Application to the Town Planning Board

Focusing on planning matters related to the Central Government Offices site (known as Government Hill), the “Government Hill Concern Group” (GHCG) is inaugurated today. It comprises 20 organizations including the Central and Western Concern Group, Heritage Hong Kong, the Conservancy Association (see attached list) and more than 40 individuals, including professionals, ex-Government officials, academics and other individuals concerned about the future of the CGO site.

Ever since the government tabled its redevelopment plan for Government Hill last October, there have been numerous opposition voices. The latest public survey revealed that over 70% of the public supported the retention of Government Hill for public uses. Last week 20 NGOs filed an application to the Town Planning Board with a proposal to zone the Government Hill site as a special historic protection area. This is a planning application with the highest number of co-applicants. GHCG urges the government to heed the voice of the public and withdraw the current redevelopment plan. (see attached summary of planning application, full version can be downloaded from

A GHCG member, Ms. Katty Law, convenor of the Central & Western Concern Group stated: “The Development Bureau of the Government has announced its intention to sell part of the Central Government Office (CGO) site for development and only a single option was offered for public consultation. The government has put developers’ interest above public interest. The Town Planning Board (TPB) was given an inadequate presentation that did not address the issues of concern to a wide cross-section of the public. This application provides a more balanced approach and proposes a conservation zoning for the CGO site.”

Ms Law also highlighted the importance of protecting public interest and resisting the erosion of historic sites by developers. She called on the government to respect public opinion and withdraw the redevelopment plan.

A member of the Concern Group, Ms. Rachel Cartland, a former senior official of the Hong Kong Government (formerly the Deputy Secretary for Recreation and Culture), said: “This application has been made on behalf of NGOs which have a long term interest in the quality of urban life and the importance of retaining and respecting Hong Kong’s heritage.  It is made in the public interest and for the long term benefit of Hong Kong people.  The government has a public duty to promote good governance. This is a golden opportunity to show its commitment to long-term public interest.”

GHCG will table the planning application at the C&W District Council, Legco and AAB for discussion. It will organize guided tours on Government Hill, with the first two led by a renowned cultural figure, Mr Wan Chin, who had a long period of working in CGO West Wing. The public comment period of the Planning Application is expected to commence this Friday. GHCG will launch a signature campaign and urge for more public support to the Planning Application.

Member Group List of the “Government Hill Concern Group”

Central and Western Concern Group

The Professional Commons

Designing Hong Kong

Green Sense

Greeners Action

The Conservancy Association

Heritage Watch

Community Alliance for Urban Planning

Community Development Initiative

Save Our Shorelines

Lung Fu Shan Environment Concern Group

HK Redevelopment Concern Group

Heritage Hong Kong

Clear the Air

Green Environmental Health Group

South Tokwawan Concern Group

Society for Protection of the Harbour

Soho Residents Committee

Mini Spotters

World City Committee

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