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I. Introduction

1. Despite completion of the three-month long consultation, many stakeholders are still worried of the adverse consequences of the Voluntary Health Protection Scheme (hereafter HPS) proposed by the Government. As a crux of the problem, there are still plenty of uncertainties concerning government’sdiscourses as well as respective information over the scheme.

2. It is obvious that the Government has abandoned its ambitious plan to have an overhaul over the existing healthcare financing arrangement. Instead, it proposed a supplementary healthcare financing scheme with voluntary participation of citizens. This is an alternative nothing more than scratching the surface, therefore improving the imbalance between public and private healthcare system at a very limited extent. Although the Government has adopted a soft option as its policy goal, the policy tools being used are by no means effective in reducing public suspicions over the proposal. Hence, The Professional Commons (hereafter The ProCommons or PC) has strong reservation on the proposed HPS.

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