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1.       Seething public grievance against government’s performance is at the verge of breaking down. Lower-income class, even employees in the middle class, are suffering from life teeming with despairs arising from low wages, long working hours, difficulty in home ownership, elderly without proper care, so on and so forth. The remuneration system is so unfair that most people are suffering exploitation. Many of them even have difficulty in raising a family with chicken feed salary they get, not to mention sharing the fruits of economic prosperity.

2.       Social justice has been seriously eroded under the highly market-dominated environment in Hong Kong. Economic development has been swerving into the direction opposite to social sustainability. It has been widely noted that there exists extreme disparity between the rich and the poor in our society. Mass consumers are at the mercy of big corporations due to imbalance in information. Big enterprises have insatiable appetite to boost price increase, abuse clients’ personal data for profiteering purposes, and sell flats dishonestly, etc. For many people, being exploited in one way or others are the general feelings frequently encountered in their daily lives. With their ever growing power, big corporations and conglomerates are always at a vantage point to put public interests out the window in a quest for profit maximization through constructing “walled buildings”, monopolizing the benefits of urban renewal projects, colonizing rural land, and so on. When looking deeply, it should be highlighted that their advantageous position stems from the existing unfair political system and seemingly, more people start to realize their intricate relationship, therefore more supportive to the development of a more democratic political system.

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