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“Kai Tak for the People”
A Citizen’s Alternative Plan

Proposed by: Local Research Community, Harmonic HK, Profession Commons

Key Principles
 Increase housing supply without diminishing environmental quality
 Original development themes and regional functions remain unchanged
 Provisions for Sports City and Metro Park remain intact
 Increase indoor space integrated with the Metro Park, primarily for community and arts.

Key Changes to existing plan
 Site area for Sports City unchanged but slight modification to configuration, with secondary stadium moved to south of main stadium;
 New high-density housing for around 32,000 additional population in the north-western corner of the current Sports City site;
 Low-density housing site with around 1300 luxury flats removed and replaced by commercial (hotels) site at the middle section of the runway area;
 Original commercial (hotels) site replaced by Metro Park extension, which will be turned into an elevated green space with an extra provision of around 150,000 square ft of retail/restaurant and community/art space underneath;

Key Benefits of Alternative Plan
 No additional plot ratio in current residential plots, thus maintaining environmental quality throughout entire area;
 Stepped height approach maintained for current and new residential sites, thus preserving air ventilation needs;
 Potential for new retail/restaurant outlets to be integrated with indoor sports arena, thus allowing more operational flexibility for sports city;
 Better utilization of 2 MTR stations with higher passenger load;
 Opportunity to increase ratio of public/private housing mix to around 60:40;
 Overall population density post-adjustment still consistent with government planning guidelines, thus meeting community aspiration for improved housing and open space conditions;
 To provide more decanting housing for the redevelopment of To Kwa Wan / Ma Tau Wai, so as to meet residents’ demand for in-district relocation and help accelerate the pace of redevelopment
 Extension of Metro Park to link up cruise terminal, enhancing the experience of cruise terminal passengers;
 Elevated parkland at the southern strip of Metro Park provides extra space of about 150,000 sq ft for retail/restaurant and community arts, without diminishing landscaping and open space quality.

Please click on the pdf icon for the Executive Summary of “Kai Tak for the People” A Citizen’s Alternative Plan

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