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Engineer, Conservation


As an engineer raised in Hong Kong, I am convinced that by adhering to the principle and practice of sustainable development, we have the best chance of becoming a fair and prosperous city to be shared and enjoyed by all Hongkongers. For this reason I have been a sustainability advocate over the last thirty years in various policy areas including infrastructure development, environmental protection, urban planning, nature and heritage conservation, poverty alleviation and corporate social responsibility. I joined the Conservancy Association in my school days in the seventies. In 2002, in my capacity as the Conservancy Association Chairman, I led the Hong Kong NGO delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Upon our return we set up the Hong Kong People’s Council for Sustainable Development and I was elected to be its chairman. In 2007 I led the Hong Kong NGO Delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. In June 2007, close to a hundred professionals joined together and founded The Professional Commons, which I now serve as chairman. I am also the Vice-chairman of the Civic Party, an Executive Committee member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, a Strategy Sub-Committee member of the Government Council for Sustainable Development, and was a member of the Commission for Strategic Development between 2005-07. With the support of international investors, I co-founded in 1996 the China Water Company, an infrastructure investment firm, which I had served as its Managing Director for eight years. I obtained a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) degree in 1980 and a Master of Social Science degree in urban studies in 1984 from the University of Hong Kong.

Education and Professional Qualifications

HK University

Wah Yan Kowloon College

Public Service

  • Chairman of the Professional Commons
  • Chairman of EWB
  • Vice Chairman of Civic Party


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