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World Economic Forum published the “Global Competitiveness Index 2009–2010”

Full Report:

Hong Kong overall ranking is 11th, same as in 2008-2009.
China rises from 30th to 29th; Taiwan rises from 17th to 12th; Singapore rises from 5th to 3rd.
Sweden(4th), Finland(6th) are countries with most IT innovations. Hong Kong should learn more from them.

Overall Innovation and Sophistication Factor is at 23th position. Comparing to the overall position at 11th, Innovation is the weakest link. Govt said we are heading knowledge economy. The weakness in innovation is a extremely detrimental factor for Hong Kong.

Strength of HK
Hong Kong offers one of the world’s most business-friendly environments.The territory has improved its marks in the infrastructure pillar, now placing second only to Germany. Finally, the quality of public institutions (10th overall), and in particular the efficiency of the government (2nd), continues to be praised by business leaders.

Weakness of HK
4.11 Education Expenditure is 99th.
5.1 Secondary Enrolment is 73th
6.03 Effectiveness of Anti-monopoly policy is 84th
7.05 Firing cost is 90th
7.09 Female participation in labour market is 70th
12.06 Scientist and Engineer availability is 78th

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  1. September 20th, 2009 at 16:10:51

    We are talking about innovation. Yet our IT Legislator is talking about Hong Kong providing legal service to mainland phone makers, some of whom are or are marginally copycat.


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