Our Origin

During the election for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in March 2007, over 100 Election Committee members from various professional sectors joined hands to advocate a faster pace for democracy. Many of these EC members, together with like-minded professionals, decided afterwards to build on this foundation. This decision reflects the vision of many professionals to build an agent for change and an agent for good governance.

Our Organization

We are an independent, membership-based, non-profit organisation open to all professionals who share the same values. We adopt a network-based governance model and operate under the principles of openness and equality. Members can freely initiate and participate in task groups in pursuit of our mission. Organisational matters are handled by three committees elected from among the members: the Strategy Committee, Management Committee and Communications Committee.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the quality of public governance and empowering the community in the policy-making process. We shall accomplish this by harnessing the soft power of responsible professionalism. This is our mission statement:

  • To achieve equal & universal suffrage;
  • To monitor Government through professional analysis;
  • To engage with the community in developing public policies;
  • To express professional views in the pursuit of public interest; and
  • To uphold core values of professional independence, freedom and integrity.

Our Structure

Organizational Principles:

  • A network-based governance model with minimal hierarchy to facilitate dynamic flow of ideas;
  • A star-shaped structure of small-sized committees and task groups, each taking up clearly delineated functions;
  • An emphasis on web-based exchange of ideas, minimising the need for frequent meetings or complicated coordination.

Our Strategy Committee

Chairman: Paul ZIMMERMAN

Vice-Chairmen: Siu Cheong LEUNG,  Shelley Wenwen ZHOU

Treasurer: Stephen Wing On, TANG

Members of Strategy Committee: Albert Kwong Tak LAI, George CAUTHERLEY, Andrew Ka-yin CHIU, Janos Kai Sing CHOY, Raymund Kenrick David KHO, Chi Ming LEE, Kenneth Kai Cheong LEUNG, Charles Peter MOK, Stanley Wing Fai NG, Victor Chi Kin WAI, Frankie Man Sing YAN, Cho Ki Joe, YAU

Completed Activities (2010)

Seminar and Forum 18
Press Release 10
Research and Submission 20
Others 1

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