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I. Introduction

1. In light of the emerging problem of ageing population, the financial security for

growing number of senior citizens merits greater attention as there is still no

comprehensive retirement protection mechanism in place. Several latest local

incidents as well as global developments also demonstrated that the financial

sustainability of the elderly would be a matter that needs to be tackled in an

urgent manner.

2. However, the HKSAR Government (hereafter the Government) has not accorded

great importance to the ageing problem in recent years. Ageing population was

translated by the Government as a rationale to justify the proposition of

“healthcare reform consultation” under which the middle class will eventually

be required to use and pay for the private‐sector healthcare services.1 Although

the Government has certain extent showed its concern to elderly issue like old

age healthcare, it fails to address more important issues such as the problem of

financial security and poverty facing an ageing population.

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