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Declaration for Political Accountability

We are Election Committee members who were elected to strive for universal suffrage to be implemented in Hong Kong by 2012. We are saddened and angered that such an arrangement has been denied.

During the CE Election in 2007 Mr. Donald Tsang promised that he would:

  • · resolve the question of universal suffrage once and for all during his 5 year term as CE.
  • · deliver to the Hong Kong People an ultimate solution to the issue of universal suffrage, and that this solution would include a roadmap and timetable.
  • · do all it takes to finally resolve this issue for the Hong Kong People.

We all believe that Hong Kong needs to bring balance and fairness to its political system. We need a system that can resolve conflicts systematically and in a democratic and rational manner.

For the sake of Hong Kong and our future generations, we must not allow this issue to linger on, and as Mr. Tsang once promised, we can and we must deal with this issue once and for all.

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government has a duty to fearlessly convey the wishes and interests of the Hong Kong People to the Central People’s Government.  We demand that Mr. Tsang fulfill his election promise by giving the Hong Kong People a genuine roadmap leading us to universal suffrage. We call on the people of Hong Kong to launch a campaign for political accountability and convey the above message clearly to Mr Tsang.

If the Chief Executive evades his responsibility for constitutional development, he will face the people with shame.


Direct Quotes from Mr Donald Tsang:

無論如何這個普選問題不要交給我下手去做,2012 年前一定要解決問題。我所講的方案有3 樣東西,設計、路線圖、時間表….尤其今次,大家香港一齊都要玩一鋪勁的。」

“No matter what happens, I would not pass the issue of universal suffrage to my successor. This issue has to be resolved before 2012. …. My proposal shall comprise of three elements: the design, a roadmap and a timetable…. This time, everyone in Hong Kong shall get involved and play hard.”

(Source:《曾蔭權允連任推政改「大家一齊玩鋪勁」普選方案爭六成人支持推介中央》, 明報, 22.3.2007, p. A2)


“As I said during my election campaign, and now I repeat it again, “I will fully resolve the issues concerning universal suffrage during my term”, I believe that no other promise could be stronger than the one I have just said.

(Source:《行政長官立法會答問大會談話全文(五)》, 2007年10月11日,

Initiators: (Members of the Election Committee in Different Professional Sectors)

Bradbeer Robin Sarah Fung Wai Wah Stanley Ng
K. K. Ho Ng Yut Ming
Francis Chan James Hon Ngai Kong Yiu
Chan Ka Lok Hui Kam Shing Pok Fook Sun
Chan Kai Yuen John Clancey Simon So
Chan Kin Man Dennis Kwok Soong Tak Kar
Chan King Ming Albert Lai Tik Chi Yuen
Edward Chan Lung Ka Lun Alan To Yiu Ming
Chan Kwok Kuen Lam Keung Victor Wai
Chan Lai Wan C.K. Law Wong Chi Wai
Chan Po Chiu Bill Lay Wong Fung Ling
Stephen Chan Eliza W.Y. Lee Wong Hung
Joseph Cheng Lee Kar Mut Wong Sing Chi
Cheung Chor Yung Kenneth Leung Woo Hawk Yan
Eric T.M. Cheung Leung Man Lay Louis Woo Leung Hee
Cheung Kwok Che S.C. Leung Frankie Yan
Stephanie Cheung Timothy Leung Benny Yeung
Choi Hoi Wai Gladys Li Yeung Ka Ching
Choi Shing Kiu Mark Li Lento Yip
Philip Dykes Ringo Li Young Wo Sang
Priscilla Choy Y.M. Li Yuen Shu Tong
Ernest Chui Kris C.L. Liu Yum Kwok Tung
Chung Kim Wah Mak Hoi Wah Wong Keung Sang
Chung Wang On Michael DeGolyer Amy Yung
Clancey To Ling Chu Edith Charles Mok Tanya Chan
Francis Fong Ng Man Sui Chan Kin Hung Charles
Fung Ho Lap Ng Wing Tung

Co-signatories: (Professionals and Members of the General Public)

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