• Members may at any time, subject to the approval of the Strategy Committee, set up an issue task group provided at least 4 members from at least 3 professional sectors have expressed interest to play an active role. All task groups are open to all members. A convenor and a co-convenor, who shall serve as the link with the Strategy Committee, shall be elected from among the members of the relevant task groups.
  • Each ITAG shall focus on specific current issues or public policy initiatives that satisfy the following selection criteria : (1) Whether the current issue or policy initiative may have significant impact on core values of professional freedom, independence and integrity; (2) Whether the current issue or policy initiative is a matter of significant public interest, which is likely to benefit from a concerted effort of multi-sectoral professional inputs; (3) Whether there exists sufficient interest and adequate expertise among members in respect of the issues concerned.
  • Each ITAG shall develop an action plan to conduct relevant research, organise events, develop tools and formulate policy position in respect of the specific policy areas or public concerns.


Convenor / Co-convenor

1: SC Leung / Fung Ho Lup

2: Francis Fong / Stanley Ng

3: Gladys Li / Robin Bradbeer

4: Alex Lai / Andrew Fung

5: Victor Wai / Kenneth Leung