In Achieving Universal Suffrage – The Role of the Professional Commons

Entrenched within our Constitution, Hong Kong’s aspiration for democracy is clear. Nowadays, most who have spoken on this subject have expressed their concurrence in promoting the move towards universal suffrage as the ultimate objective. We must not procrastinate and allow this issue to further polarise our community.

We must not hesitate to declare our objective and to take concrete actions to move towards it – Universal Suffrage by 2012. We believe concrete action lies in constructive dialogue across the political divide. We must not follow a policy of walkout and boycott as it is a policy that undermines the concept of majority decision. For constructive dialogue is the basic building block of a modern democratic society. Dialogue nurtures respect, from respect springs trust, with trust comes progress and social cohesion.

The Professional Commons shall be the platform for constructive dialogue, the facilitator of rational communication, and the instigator of democratic advancement. Let historians record that when Hong Kong had the opportunity to be that beacon of freedom, democracy and rule of law in Greater China, it was seized by the good sense of the Hong Kong people.

14 May 2007