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Expertise: I.T.


專業人士的目光是比較長遠、科學、理性的,較具發展觀,但近年香港的發展趨勢,令人覺得專業精神得不到重視,社會短視、商業利益為先、行政方便主導 之風氣,愈吹愈勁;這分析角度可令我們更深層地理解和面對,香港的政府和社會為什麼不重視可持續發展、不肯研究和投資長線新經濟和科技定位、不願意為產業 找尋和開發新的競爭優勢,和不能夠解決社會兩極化的不和諧因素。我和「公共專業聯盟」希望與你改變這個現象和風氣,協力提升香港發展和管治水平。

Public Service

l   Government Advisory

l   Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee (Task Force on Facilitating the Adoption of Wireless and Mobile Services and Technology)

l   Hospital Authority (Information Technology Services Governing Committee, Medical Services Development Committee, Supporting Services Development Committee, Hospital Authority Main Tender Board, Information Technology Advisory Committee)

l   Transport Advisory Committee (Road Safety and Traffic Management Sub-committee)

l   West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Consultation Panel

l   Road Safety Campaign Committee

l   Non-local Higher and Professional Education Appeal Board

l   Programme Advisory Panel, Radio Television Hong Kong

Education and Professional Qualifications

l   Grad School:Purdue University ’87

l   Master of Science, Electrical Engineering

l   College:Purdue ’85

l   Computer and Electrical Engineering

l   High School:Wah Yan College Hong Kong ’81


l   Charles Mok, Hong Kong Web 2.0, Up Publication, 2008

Website: www.charlesmok.hk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/charles.mok

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