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I. Introduction
1. In the “Consultation Paper on Arrangements for Filling Vacancies in the Legislative Council” (hereafter “Consultation Paper”) in July 2011, the HKSAR Government (hereafter “the Government”) claimed that the changing the arrangements for filling vacancies in the Legislative Council (hereafter the “LegCo”) is to ”plug” the so-called “loophole” caused by the by-election after the resignation of the five LegCo members in 2010. The Consultation Paper concluded, through quoting some opinion surveys that indicated the low level of support of the “referendum” held in 2010, that there is a need for the current arrangements on the filling of vacancies in the LegCo to be changed.


ProCommons_Responses_LegCo_FillingUp_Vacancies_(Full text  download)

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