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31 March, 2010

Press Statement

The Professional Commons urge HK people to cast their votes on May 16

The Professional Commons has today stated its views on how to achieve universal suffrage for Hong Kong as early as possible:

1. The Professional Commons fully supports Hong Kong people to exercise their civic rights and cast their votes on May 16, as a means to voice their support for the early implementation of genuine universal suffrage, and the abolition of functional constituency. This will enable the HKSAR Government and the leaders in Beijing understand clearly people’s strong demand for democracy.

2. The Professional Commons has participated in the discussions on political reform proposals as a member of the Alliance for Universal Suffrage (AUS). Its objective is simple: to use different means to achieve the common goal of genuine universal suffrage, and the abolition of functional constituency. We call for the HKSAR Government to respond to AUS’s proposal before end of April.

Mr SC Leung, Convenor of the Professional Commons’ Constitutional Reform Group, and its representative to AUS, pointed out, “AUS has not required its members to adopt an unified stand on the referendum movement. Yet I am convinced that as advocates of the democracy movement, they will also agree to Hong Kong people exercising their right to votes and express their view on constitutional reform.”

Mr Albert Lai, Chairman of the Professional Commons emphasized, “The fight for democracy is like climbing over a high wall. The referendum movement and the AUS is not only like ‘walking on two legs’, it is also like climbing with two hands. Only with two hands together can we climb up to the top of the wall, and deliver to Hong Kong the democracy we deserve.”

Media Enquires: SC Leung (91735967), Dennis Kwok (91224230)

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